The Reading List: Part 2

Last May, I posted a list of books I’ve read with a brief description of each one and a bit of a response to it. This annotated bibliography of sorts was useful for me, to organize my thoughts on the books and help me remember the main ideas or stories and my responses to them.Continue reading “The Reading List: Part 2”

Science and Revelation: It’s Complicated

Can science be a source of divine revelation? I’ve been thinking about that question this week, and here’s my preliminary conclusion: it’s complicated. To begin with, much depends on what we mean when we say “revelation.” I’ll be the first to affirm that science can teach us something about God. Psalm 19 and Romans 1,Continue reading “Science and Revelation: It’s Complicated”

The Bible, Hyperspace, and the Joy of Deep Reading

The Strange World of the Bible I was a teenager when I started reading the Bible every night. I’m aware now that most American teens probably weren’t doing that in mid-90s, but I didn’t think much about it at the time. I was always involved at church growing up, first in our children’s ministry andContinue reading “The Bible, Hyperspace, and the Joy of Deep Reading”