The Whisper

Instead of one of my usual posts this week, I thought I’d share a poem I wrote several years ago. I’m no poet by any means, but something motivated me to write this one and I kinda like it. It’s about the calling to step out into something new. Enjoy!

The Whisper

A grave request, to leave alone,
To leave behind ancestral home,
And everything we’ve ever known,
Strange and distant land to roam.

Whispered, so it’s graver still,
Imploring us to do its will,
And so our longing to fulfill,
And we know not for good or ill.

Are you the Voice that calmed the Sea,
That spoke and caused the light to be?
Why speak now so quietly,
And only murmur, “Follow me”?

You who spoke so loud before,
And death upon our fathers swore,
Prove this promise to be more,
Than whispers just outside our door.

But there is no great command,
That bids us grasp a promised land.
The frightful voice that claims I Am
Softly whispers, “Abraham.”

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